Friday, April 11, 2014

Painted Hutch

We drove by a garage sale the other day and I said, "Ooo! That's an awesome wood table!"

And Erik said, "You only like it 'cause it's furniture. You wouldn't care if it was a table or a chair as long as it was furniture."


I love furniture.

I noticed this hutch at Cart'm (I also love Cart'm) months ago.  They had it marked at $50.

 Sorry, I'll pass.
Came back a few months later. What? Still there? And only $20? And I have personal spending money in my wallet at this exact moment?
It was meant to be.
So I bought it and brought it home.
I smiled and batted my eyelashes and Erik helped me carry it upstairs into the garage where I cleaned and sanded it.
It was lovely but it didn't smell lovely. Thank goodness for primer.

 Now for some color!

My inspiration is not some magazine spread or pinterest post (though I know I've seen a lot of this color painted furniture lately) but this dress:

 This is my Sophomore prom dress (modeled most gladly by my girls).  I went to a small school, everyone got to go to prom. I found this at a vintage store and my mom added straps.  Alas you do not get to see me in it because I own maybe one picture of me in it and I can't find that picture. It's not a very flattering picture either, it's a getting ready shot and my face is still beet red from running to my Grandma Dorothy's apartment to take a shower after playing in a tennis match.  And no formal pictures either, due to miscommunications with the limo company and a great time in Seattle we only made it to the last half hour of the dance and they were already done taking pictures at that time. If you're curious I went with my friend David (Dah-veed, he was from Mexico) and we went with three other couples; half of each couple was an exchange student and we had a great time.

Rabbit trail. Sorry.

Here's the cabinet painted (though not metallic it's a lovely light tealish/bordering on seafoam green color):

Here it is in my kitchen. It fits perfectly on the wall between the end of the cabinets and the window (like it was meant to be there!)
Yeah, don't mind the mess on the floor or the over-ripe bananas in the basket. I'm just being real with ya'll. It's not expertly styled and I'm still in the process of deciding what belongs on the shelves but if I waited for that it would be a while.  It's definitely being put to good use and I really love this new addition to my kitchen.