Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On A Sunny Afternoon in May...

Yesterday I was cleaning Marilyn up at the kitchen sink and I looked out the window to see Ivan standing quietly and nicely at the garden gate.

He was obviously expecting something.

And then I noticed Hannah walking slowly with purpose on the pathway to the garden.

I laughed really hard, left Marilyn on the counter (came back to her rummaging in the compost bucket), grabbed my camera and caught the tail end of the wedding.

Vows and rings. The rings being jewel stickers that Hannah earned at violin lessons on Monday.

And then back down the aisle they go!

Then they finally noticed me on the deck with the camera and asked for their pictures to be taken. I'm no wedding photographer but I think these turned out well. : )

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Not Raining!

Yesterday we worked outside all day.

Oh it was lovely.

I made a little fence from branches and twine to go in front of my apple tree:

I'm hoping it will keep Quincy from running through that garden/flower bed.

Any ideas on what to do in the area between the apple tree and the deck? That's where I'm standing to take the picture.

Here's another perspective of the same area. I don't know what to do right there, I suppose I could just leave it grass but it gets so wet there when it rains that I just don't know.

The kids worked on defining their play area, I found this sign tacked to the tree.

Marilyn has decided she likes to be rocked to sleep but sometimes it's hard because she (as well as all the kiddos) eat chives all day long and the smell just lingers on their breath.
But Clayton remarked the other day that, "we will never starve when we're outside because we can eat chives".

Hopefully we'll get the garden planted soon and things will grow this year, then maybe we can find more to eat outside than just chives.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Special Ed and Safe Ly

Back when my sisters and I were politically incorrect...oh wait...we still are...when we were little though we used to call each other "special".

One of us would say, "You're pretty special." and another of us would say "Yeah, special ed."

To which the insulted party would respond, "Who's Ed?"

When I got married I think we discovered who Ed can either be my husband or myself...both of our initals are E.D. (Hence the blog address of specialedswife).

But we also discovered that Ed has a brother. His name is Lee.

Once upon a time I shouted the common "Drive Safe" after my husband to which he responded "ly". Such a stickler for grammar.

So the next time I had need of that phrase I shouted, "Drive safe and take ly with you too."

"Who's Lee?"

"Ed's brother."

So in our family we have "special ed" and "safe ly".

If ever we call after you "Drive safe and take ly with you too." maybe you won't look at us so

On another note, Ivan moved up to a bigger bike so we put the training wheels back on Ivan's old bike and bought Clayton a helmet. He was so excited that he's been wearing it whenever he can. I think the special-ness runs in the family.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food Allergies

Oh where, oh where to start.
Many of you know the struggles we've had with Clayton's allergies. If you don't know you can click here.
Clayton has not had a rash or real flare up of eczema for about 2 years now but we decided to have a food panel done on him anyway, just to make sure we weren't missing anything. For the two years we have been very watchful of what has gone into his mouth. Only things that have been minimally processed or not at all. I grind our wheat. We only eat whole plain yogurt and use cultured dairy products when we can't get raw dairy products. We stay away from corn and corn syrups, msg, yeast extracts etc. We eat grass feed beef and eggs from chickens that are mostly raised on pasture, and lots of fruits and veggies. We cheat maybe once a month and get dinner from Left Coast Siesta or a pizza from the Pizza Garden but other than that we don't eat out much.
Our eating habits changed about 5 years ago thanks to a wonderful cookbook called Nourishing Traditions. It was put out by the Weston Price Foundation and I think it has been crucial in how Clayton has done so far.
We had Clayton tested in April by our new ND (Dr. Dramov in Tigard, OR) and went today to find out the results. This food panel tested against 96 foods and they rate the foods according to the antibodies against those foods in Clayton's blood. Rated O-VI, O being low and VI being extremely high.
Here's the thing.
Clayton tested in the III-V range (low to very high) for different types of dairy, eggs, and wheat but he hasn't had any reaction in the last two years and these are common foods in our house.
So what's the difference?
I believe it is the way we eat those foods. Our eggs we get from a local source where the chickens are pasture raised. Our dairy is whole, cultured, minimally processed and because I grind our wheat, it has no preservatives, no added nutrients, and then most of the time we soak the flour in an acidic medium to help break down the hard to digest stuff. He also tested a II (or low risk) for almonds and peanuts. But again, when we eat almonds and peanuts, they are nuts that I've soaked in salt water and then dried with low heat in the oven. Thus they are basically somewhat predigested. All stuff I learned from Nourishing Traditions. Clayton has also been taking cod liver oil and probiotics every day, though this is more recent.
I was so afraid that I would have to relearn to cook and we'd have to be even more diligent in guarding what he puts in his mouth but what we're doing already is enough I guess.
But if he starts to react to something, if his eczema flares up, if he develops asthma or gets a cold and can't quite shake it we will know what foods to avoid but as of right now we can continue on doing what we're doing, eating what we're eating and keep praying that he grows out of it.
Praise the Lord.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nursemaid's Elbow

Last night we took Marilyn to the ER for the very first time. (I'm hoping also the last...) Nothing too terribly serious, but I accidentally pulled her elbow from the socket.
How does that happen you ask?
We were at church eating dinner and she was running from the fellowship hall, I ran after her and grabbed her hand and wrist to pull her back into the room and she was still running in the opposite direction. Apparently the ligaments in the arms of 2-4 year olds are not very strong and sometimes one of the bones in the forearm can be dislocated. It's actually more common than you might think and they have a name for it, it's called Nursemaid's Elbow.
And apparently, this is what my mom did to me when I was little, only at that time the doctor told my mom how to pop it back in over the phone.
The ER Doc that we had laughed and said, "Well we better teach you how to do this so when Marilyn does it to her child someday you can help her pop it back in."
Nana was wonderfully kind to come watch the other kiddos and when we got home last night at about 10...something; my house was clean, the dishes mostly done and laundry folded. THANK YOU NANA!
As soon as Miss Moddy's bones were all in the proper place she was asking for a banana and this morning she's not even convinced that we went to the doctor last night, silly girl.
But she does like her "bracelet" and has been wearing it most of the day.
Oh my.