Monday, May 9, 2011

Special Ed and Safe Ly

Back when my sisters and I were politically incorrect...oh wait...we still are...when we were little though we used to call each other "special".

One of us would say, "You're pretty special." and another of us would say "Yeah, special ed."

To which the insulted party would respond, "Who's Ed?"

When I got married I think we discovered who Ed can either be my husband or myself...both of our initals are E.D. (Hence the blog address of specialedswife).

But we also discovered that Ed has a brother. His name is Lee.

Once upon a time I shouted the common "Drive Safe" after my husband to which he responded "ly". Such a stickler for grammar.

So the next time I had need of that phrase I shouted, "Drive safe and take ly with you too."

"Who's Lee?"

"Ed's brother."

So in our family we have "special ed" and "safe ly".

If ever we call after you "Drive safe and take ly with you too." maybe you won't look at us so

On another note, Ivan moved up to a bigger bike so we put the training wheels back on Ivan's old bike and bought Clayton a helmet. He was so excited that he's been wearing it whenever he can. I think the special-ness runs in the family.

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Ronda said...

He's adorable!