Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Not Raining!

Yesterday we worked outside all day.

Oh it was lovely.

I made a little fence from branches and twine to go in front of my apple tree:

I'm hoping it will keep Quincy from running through that garden/flower bed.

Any ideas on what to do in the area between the apple tree and the deck? That's where I'm standing to take the picture.

Here's another perspective of the same area. I don't know what to do right there, I suppose I could just leave it grass but it gets so wet there when it rains that I just don't know.

The kids worked on defining their play area, I found this sign tacked to the tree.

Marilyn has decided she likes to be rocked to sleep but sometimes it's hard because she (as well as all the kiddos) eat chives all day long and the smell just lingers on their breath.
But Clayton remarked the other day that, "we will never starve when we're outside because we can eat chives".

Hopefully we'll get the garden planted soon and things will grow this year, then maybe we can find more to eat outside than just chives.

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