Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amy Grant - Every Heartbeat (1991)

I am a huge Amy Grant fan. Okay, so maybe my ardor has waned a little in the last few years but I grew up listening to her and I love her early music; I don't think I've listened to enough of her newer stuff to form an opinion of it but I love her voice. All this to say I've spent an enjoyable time watching Amy Grant music videos online and for all my single friends (and sisters) I found some great advice...
"Don't you know - true love only comes to those that don't own a washing machine."
The music video to "Every Heartbeat" explains it all.


Megan said...

My first concert ever was Amy Grant, when I was 14. And I have a washing machine! Sad! :-)

Macaroo42 said...

Oh Em... I just laughed all the way through this. Why did they make music videos in the mid 90s?! Gives a girl ideas though..... :-)

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