Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jesus in my Heart

Tonight after reading the Bible with the kiddos Erik asked Hannah if she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to live in her heart. She said she did want to but that she didn't know the words to say. So Erik took the boys to bed and Hannah and I prayed together that Jesus would live in her heart and take all her sins away. Then when I carried Hannah to bed, Ivan said that he was a "christ-masin" now. Erik said that he wanted Jesus in his heart too, so they prayed and Ivan asked Jesus to forgive him and live in his heart.
The last few weeks Hannah and Ivan have both actually wanted to pray (as long as we help them with the words) at night. It's very cute, and if we forget to pray for something that we prayed for the night before, Hannah will remind us.
I love my kiddos.

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Michelle Dante said...

Oh yay! That is so special! I love your kiddos too! And I love you!