Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning Blahs

We tried Clayton in a "big-boy" bed last night. He stayed in and fell asleep after only 3 spankings and was fine until about 3am when I woke to hear him screaming. I tried to lay him back down in bed and was answered with, "owie, owie, owie, no, no!!!". I didn't want to deal with it and I needed to feed Mod so I put him in bed with us and he spent the rest of the "night" trying to push me off the bed. Not literally trying to push me off the bed but he is quite a restless, wriggly sleeper. I think I will put the play pen back up today and we'll try again later. Erik then got up this morning to go work out so he wasn't here to pacify the kiddos with bananas and apples when they got, thus I was awoken with sounds of fighting much earlier than normal. I am sitting and drinking coffee this morning and trying not to be grumpy while the kiddos are watching Veggie Tales. I am also feeling the desire to do another play...I think simply for the fact that it's a guaranteed mommy break where I don't have to take a kiddo with me or I'm not tempted to spend money. What's a person to do after 7pm around here that doesn't take money? For that matter, is there anything even open?


mama griffith, said...

if you join a knitting gruip I will!!! I hear they have a good one in seaside,...and they have couches. think about it!

Krista Motsinger said...

hahaha...not in on the coast, other then burger king, subway, and safeway, but then you would have to drive 30 miles and those places aren't free. to bad though;) The joys of country mommyhood.!

Macaroo42 said...

I love you. And you're my hero.