Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Deer!

* Warning* Warning*Warning*
If you do not want to see dead deer pictures do not read this post.

Remember this amazing view from "hunting" with the kids?

Well, Erik went back up there on the last day of the hunt and... got his first deer!
He called a friend to help him pack it out and they brought it home in the back of his friend's pick-up. The kiddos were all quite fascinated.

Even Marilyn thought it interesting. mighty hunter:
I know nothing about these things, but apparently it's a 3 x 3. Erik shot it through both lungs and took off the top part of the heart.

And for the last few days it has been hanging in our shed.

The other kiddos went back in the house to watch Shaun the Sheep but Hannah sat on a paint can and watched Erik skin the whole thing.

Last night Erik and I stayed up way too late cutting and wrapping most of it. The rest we stuck in the fridge and I'll probably work on it some today and try and get started on making our own venison jerky. I'm kind of excited about that part.


City Girl Stuck on the Coast said...

I'm so excited that you guys got a deer!!!! Have fun making jerky!!

Charlotte @ Cowgirl Clippings said...

The back straps are our favorite part. So fun to make your own jerky, although I've only done it once - a long time ago. :)