Monday, February 6, 2012

Head Wounds

Yesterday morning right before we left for church we heard Ivan come sobbing from his room, "I bunked my head."

And we turned to see blood dripping down his face.

He split his head open, right above the hairline. It's not very deep and is holding together nicely with butterfly bandages.

I am so thankful for a husband who has gone through the First Responders class with the Fire Department. Ivan was very very brave and sat still while Erik cleaned him all up and dressed the wound.

I took the other three kiddos to church while the wound dressing was happening as I still had to sing and later Erik said that Ivan started sobbing again after it was all clean. Erik asked him over and over again what hurt and where and what kind of hurt it was but Ivan kept sobbing. So Erik asked if it actually did hurt and Ivan shook his head no. Then Ivan explained that he was afraid people would laugh at him, but once his partially shorn head was covered in a hat he was fine.

After church Erik cleaned it again and called me in to take pictures of the head wound. I walked in and exclaimed, "Ivan it looks like you lost your arms as well!" Which is why his grin is so big.

He thought that was hilarious and stuck just his hands out for good measure.

This morning it looks like it's healing really well and we are praising God for it, and also that we didn't have to make another emergency room or doctor run.

And I think once it gets a good scab on it, we'll shave the rest of his head. Ivan isn't so sure about this idea because then he has to change the hair on his Mii (his character for the Wii).

Silly boy. I like him.


CandiandCoffee said...

Such a sweet story! I love his hesitation to shave the rest because his avatar will have to change with him. Too cute!

Lisa said...

poor little guy!! but wow, so brave! :) glad he's alright :)