Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting Closer

My assistant mid-wife Jennifer came and spent the night last night. I started having contractions about 5pm yesterday and they came about every 10 minutes until about 9 and then the baby was very active (like private dance party in my belly-active) and it was painful because it's dropped low enough and then on top of that when I finally tried to go to bed and relax I felt all shaky and panicky, it was a really weird feeling. So Jennifer came over about 11:45 pm and took my blood-pressure and pulse and we listened to the baby and everything was good; it was very reassuring. She then slept in the guest room and I tried to sleep. The contractions died down about 1:45 or 2am and I was able to sleep. Jennifer went home this morning but hopefully I can call her back today sometime if the contractions get going again. Now I'm going to try and take a nap if the kiddos cooperate.

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