Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organization Part 2

Not too long ago I posted about organization, here is the continuance of my reluctant but thankful slide into it. Reluctant, because well, every time I hear the word "budget" or "schedule" I want to run and hide. Sorry, it's a gut reaction. I'm still finding though that planning ahead and having a schedule really helps out. My latest "find" is the meal schedule. The last two weeks we have sat down as a family for Saturday dinner and planned out the next week's meals. The kids like helping come up with ideas though Ivan seems to want oatmeal for every meal. It's flexible enough to switch around a few days and helps me figure out what I need to do each day to be ready for the next. I know many of you are rolling your eyes and saying, "I could have told you that!" but I'm finding that by working out these scheduling things naturally by myself they seem to stick a little better. I'm a slow developer, what can I say.
On a homeschooling note, I'm still waiting for Hannah's homeschooling material to get here, it was back-ordered everywhere I tried to order it. So we've been working on numbers and math and including her violin practice in the school-work category. Ivan has been working on a Brain Quest Pre-K workbook and absolutely loves it, he begs every day to be allowed to do his school work. Hannah would rather draw and color but after lunch while Clayton and Mod are asleep we work a little. So far it's going better than I imagined, I must be learning patience.
Someday I may be fully converted to a scheduled way of life and I await the day that my gut doesn't turn at the mention of the such words.


B said...

Good for you!!!!You're way ahead of me....... I am still in rebellion. I try for a little while and then something comes up and blows it all to smitherines and I just can't quite seem to get back to it. :o( Maybe someday....... I envy people it comes naturally to!

Macaroo42 said...

Letting the kids help pick meals is a FABULOUS idea! I'll have to remember that. I miss you. What are you doing on the 27th?

ED's Wife said...

Jessie, The 27th of Sept. or Oct.? Nothing either date, why?