Monday, November 23, 2009

Glorious Sounds

"Everyone sit! It is time to pray! Dear God, thank you for this be-u-tiful day, thank you that we got to go to church and thank you that we get to play our harmonicas, Amen."

Yesterday while I knitted on the couch Ivan and Clayton entertained me with their harmonica playing and Hannah danced. And if it wasn't cute enough to see Clayton puffing in and out on the harmonica while doing a little white boy bounce/dance, every two or three minutes Ivan would shout out, "Everyone sit! It is time to pray!". Then he would sit on the couch with me while Hannah and Clayton found seats on the hearth and Ivan would pray some variation of the above prayer always thanking God that they got to play their harmonicas. After "Amen" was echoed around they got up and played and danced again. This happened not once or twice but about 5 or 6 times, it was a "be-u-tiful" sight.


MamaGriffith, said...


Macaroo42 said...

Oh Lord, let me have children soon. Amen.

Mins said...

Might Ivan be playing the Austrian harmonica?? That would just make my day. Love this. And your kids. And you.

ps the word verification is flogyrat this time... what? that has no connection to you, I just thought it was funny as well.

B said...

What fun, and I can sooooo see Clayton bounce/dancing. :o)