Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of Chairs and Tables.

I noticed the other day while cleaning the church that I have a few obsessive compulsive tendencies. Not the disorder by any means and none of these tendencies are to relieve anxiety, I just like the order that it brings. These tendencies are mostly related to chairs and tables. I like order and pattern when it comes to chairs and tables. I straighten up the Sunday School classrooms after I vacuum them and I found myself stacking the extra chairs by color, or in patterns of color; for example the first stack of four chairs would have a yellow chair on the bottom and three blue chairs on top, the next stack of four chairs would have a blue chair on bottom then a yellow chair and then two blue chairs on top of that and so on, creating a fun visual. When I straighten up the fellowship hall I try to arrange the chairs at the tables so that each chair is perfectly spaced along the side and that all the chairs are the same distance away from the table. When I clean my dining room at home I attempt to do the same. It bugs me when chairs are all askew. I don't remember the start of this tendency and I have fond memories of arranging the little plastic colored chairs into patterns. Well, maybe not fond exact time and space memories but just a feeling of "I have always liked to do this."
So if you happen to visit our church sometime and you notice that there is pattern to the plastic chairs in the classrooms you now know who arranged them this way and I will have to question your sanity if this is something you notice when you visit other churches.

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Macaroo42 said...

I love you. And you're not weird. There are three women in this house who would do the same. ☺