Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's been awhile.
I'm sorry.
I missed you.
Did you miss me?
Life has been happening.
It does that you know.

I've been feeling a little off lately, so I started a 21 day Chaparral Cleanse.
And discontinued my morning cup of coffee.
All at the same time.
Not a good idea.
I thought that there was something seriously wrong with me.
I now think it was some serious detox symptoms.
I'm still going to see a great ND in the near future though, just to make sure my assumptions are right.
I'm feeling much better this week.

I've been reading a lot to my kiddos.
They like it.
I LOVE it.
We just finished Little House in the Big Woods and started Little House on the Prairie. It makes me so happy to read these stories to my kiddos.
And we're getting a little more serious about our other curricular studies. We've been doing great with phonics and learning to read but falling a little behind in oh, math. But we're on track now.

And these are all my excuses for why I haven't been here for you lately.
I'll try to do better.

Clayton has been drawing me pictures.

And Ivan plays horse to Marilyn's cowgirl.

And Hannah continues to fill sheet after sheet of paper with pictures and words.

Lately Hannah and Ivan have become partners in a money making scheme. Hannah has been decorating sheets of paper and Ivan folds them into paper airplanes. (He's pretty good, they fly better than any of mine ever have). They have a whole box and they plan on selling them. My favorite so far is the orange and purple plaid one. I might have to raid my wallet.

It's that time again though.
Time to say goodbye.
I'll see you later.
I've got to go make dinner.
It happens every day and yet still manages to take me by surprise sometimes.

I'll leave you with this darling quote from my darling Clayton, age 3:

"Can I help you make dinner? 'Cause I'm a good man that makes dinner, like Christmas dinner."


MamaGriffith, said...

I think that is my favorite picture of Clayton yet!

Chelsea said...

Yes! I have missed you and I'm glad you're here. And you made me very excited about the day when our attention span is long enough that we can read big books like "Little House on the Prairie"... and "Anne of Green Gables", that's what I'm REALLY excited about.

decaf addict missing her caffeine said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. I was curious about the Chaparral Cleanse so I googled it. Didn't find a lot, but did find one lady who said she felt pretty horrible the first week as well.

Love the pictures of your kids! The one of Ivan and Marilyn really cracks me up, thanks for sharing. :D