Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stuff and Things

Does anyone else find it funny just how much stores capitalize on New Year's Resolutions?
We walked into a store on New Year's Day and the "seasonal section" of the store was filled with exercise equipment. And right next to that, storage containers.
Yep, it's the season for storing things we bought but don't have room for, or for storing all the new "Holiday" decorations we want to save for next year but then will discover next year that they are out of style and will want a whole new style.
I'm sorry that I'm sarcastic this morning.
I'm finding more and more that "stuff" is getting to me. Not stuff in the general term of things of life, but stuff, junk, clutter, more junk.
I'm truly loving getting rid of un-needed things. The kids got quite a few toys and things for Christmas so we went through their old and packed up those that we didn't need anymore. And even though we took a u-haul load to Goodwill just a month and half ago or so I already have at least two good sized boxes to take again.
Life runs a little smoother when it's not cluttered with stuff.
It runs smoother because I have time and space to play with my kiddos. I don't have to constantly be pushing aside the stuff to just breathe.
I didn't mean for this to become a rant on stuff this morning.

I was going to tell you that despite a unwilling start, Clayton is now potty trained and waking up with a dry diaper most mornings. Marilyn on the other hand refuses to wear a diaper but is having more trouble going potty on the toilet. She climbed into the bathtub yesterday to take care of business. And the other day she had an accident in her underwear and I accidentally flushed her underwear down the toilet when I was trying to rinse everything out. I'm still hoping they went through okay, we haven't had any back up problems yet.

Marilyn has also been climbing out of her crib. She's gotten quite speedy. Yesterday she refused to stay down for a nap. She had her pants and diaper off and was out of her crib having a tea party with Hannah's tea set within 45 secs. to a minute after I laid her down and shut the door. So I figured if she could be out that quickly I would make it easier for her to crawl back in. I set up the toddler bed and she slept in a big girl bed last night. She got out once right after we laid her down and then slept soundly the rest of the night. She looked so sweet with her little head resting peacefully on her little pillow and her quilts tucked up around her. I would have taken a picture but I didn't want to run the chance of waking her up. She's growing up, the little turkey.

I'm off to wash dishes now. I'm not a big fan of dishes. I mean I like eating off of them, they serve a very important purpose, but our family goes through a lot of them and I still haven't cultivated the discipline to keep up with them.

May your New Year be filled with less stuff and more of what's important!


"Everything that we need to lead an overcoming life flows to us from Him" said...

I feel the same way. When I walk into a cluttered room I start feeling stressed. I am a ruthless "tosser" of stuff. Sometimes its my things and sometime it aint. hahahaha

Chelsea said...

The potty training adventures made me laugh. Kate is at the same stage as Moddy. I read your panties down the potty saga outloud to my sister-in-law and Buck. We all had a good chuckle as we've all been a part of Kate's potty training lately ;-)