Friday, March 4, 2011

Cooking With Emily?

Every year the church puts on a "Gifts of the People" art show during the 4th of July weekend, preceded by art classes the few weeks before. You can come and learn photography, painting, quilting, crocheting, leatherworking, glass work and guitar.
Hypothetically speaking...
If someone asked me to teach a cooking class some night at church, what would you like to learn to make?
Maybe it's not so hypothetical.
And maybe I've already said I would.
And maybe the panic has already set in...
What should I teach?
A full meal?
Something baked?
Any suggestions?
Any recipe I've mentioned that you would love to learn from an
Please comment and let me know, I'm horrible at decisions like this.


B said...

Full meal, allergen free, very complex ;o) JK! You will have so much fun, as will all your "students", whatever you choose :oD

Helpful, aren't I? ;o) lol

Ms. Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

Baking----your wonderful bisquits, breads, end with one of your yummie soups....Or demo some of your Cow Girl creations. I am sure anything would be wonderful! Nana

Kristel said...

Baked goods! Or simply making bread!

Chelsea said...

Breakfast :-)