Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garden Dreams

This year we're getting a head start on the garden. I just planted a few colder weather veggies directly into the ground and I'm hoping they actually grow.
Sunday was a gorgeous day, still cold but the sun was shining so Erik and I headed out to the garden to work the beds. We dug up most of the invading buttercups and tilled the soil.

(Side note: Erik now wears a wool hat instead of a baseball cap...and oh boy do I like the look of it.)

We then worked some of this wonderful compost into the beds. This beautiful dirt came from our worm bin. We have red worms and a huge box that we throw all the compost from our kitchen into. And in turn we get to "harvest" this beautiful dirt to put back in our soil. I never thought that worms and compost and dirt would make me smile but they do.

This is what the inside of our bin looks like. Nothing fancy, but we started by throwing all the compost on one side of the bin and when that got full and subsequently worked down we started throwing the compost into the other side and the worms migrated over, leaving the garden ready stuff behind.
Miss Moddy came out after her nap and helped drop seeds in their rows. She was quite helpful and careful.

Then she joined Clayton in the hammock for a swing.

Three beds are worked and two and a half are planted with snow peas, kale, swiss chard and spinach. There's some garlic growing that I planted last year and a few onions that were missed last harvest.
Here's hoping things grow this year and that the slugs stay away. Spring is around the corner, I know it. My irises are blooming and just today, in spite of the rain and blustering winds I spotted a yellow tulip just about to open.


MamaGriffith, said...

everything looks so nice! I started working at my beds last week, and am starting some seeds indoors. I love to garden!

Chelsea said...

I think this looks like a great checkin' in with emily post! we need some gardening in the Come On Over section!!