Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Treasure

Saturday I took recycling to Cart'm and surprise, surprise, I found another treasure.

Erik rolled his eyes.

He does that just about every time I go to Cart'm; at least every time I come home with treasures from Cart'm. Which, if I'm being honest, means just about every time I go to Cart'm.

But this time I found this:

I have no idea what it was used for before I found it. It was a box with a window hinged on it. The boards on the short ends of the box stuck out past the box part by about a foot on each side and the back had weird notches cut out of it.

I bartered and came home with it and Erik helped me cut off the ends and then he cut out the back. Then we set my new cold frame in one of the garden beds and Miss Moddy helped me plant lettuce in it.

I'm so excited.

A few of my seeds I planted weeks ago are actually growing. Not many, but there are a few snow peas poking up.

My parsley is doing really well, but that's not new. It's been growing for awhile. I just love the green!

And do you see the shadows? Do you see the light? The sun actually came out for a visit!

Oh it was beautiful.


MamaGriffith, said...

fun old windows!! great place for greens!

The Cloth Addict said...

Very nice find, I like it!