Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to My Gym

Yesterday the kids discovered their new "play area".

Well, yesterday it was dropped off.

Two dump truck loads of free fill dirt in the front yard. I love that they love to play in dirt! (Though I'm not sure about loving the mud leftover in the bathtub when they're finally clean at night).

But that's not all.

Three dump truck loads in our neighbors back yard and four on our other neighbors side yard.
We have nice neighbors.

We are sharing the dirt with them and we are leveling out a few low spots in our yards. Which means unless we can sweet talk (or rather con) someone into bringing over a tractor I will be wheelbarrow-ing much of this dirt into our yard. But even if we do have someone bring in a tractor, I'll still get to move a bunch and smooth and spread it out.

Welcome to my gym.

Amidst the many crazy things of our lives the last few months I have been slowly clearing out brush in our backyard.

Ivan and Clayton kindly offered (okay I bribed them with chocolate chips) to stand in front of one day's brush pile for a size reference.

The brush pile is to the left of the picture, but there's our backyard.

There's still a way to go but I do enjoy the work; though as I type my back muscles are all cramped from the starting of said wheelbarrow-ing.

Free dirt, a shovel and a wheelbarrow. That's my kind of workout!

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Chelsea said...

Yes! A workout that is both practical and productive! If I was closer I'd gladly bring my wheelbarrow and shovel.