Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden Pictures

 The sun has still been shining and I've spent many afternoon hours in the garden and yard slowly checking things off my to-do list. It's been oh so much fun! 
The above picture is taken from the garden gate.
The one below from the opposite corner.
Tomatoes are the only thing planted at this moment; the rest of the seeds should be going in this weekend.
 Mother's Day for me was spent in the garden with a hammer and a pile of bricks. It was lovely. The little brick patio here will someday have a bench or a chair and a table. It is surrounded by chives and herbs.
 The garden shed has been painted and one shelf has been installed.
 The pallet compost area is set up and doing it's duty of containing the weeds pulled from various parts of the yard.
The chicken coop is still not done, but it's on my list.
 Blueberries are within the brick edging, surrounded for now by tomato cages so Quincy doesn't run them over.
 And see that large hydrangea in front of the window? Erik saved it from the job he's working on now. I'm hoping it survives the transplant!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Mama Griffith, said...

Looks SO good!!!!

Macaroo42 said...

Love it all! Can't wait for you to be up and see our pretty yard, even though it's devoid of anything useful. :-)