Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I feel like I want to tell you everything that's been happening in the last few weeks.

Either that or I want to tell you next to nothing.

I'm so tired tonight, but I feel like I should blog; it's been awhile.

This sunshine is glorious, and it's wearing me out because I feel that I must "make hay while the sun still shines" or get all the yard work done before it starts raining again.  I've weeded flower beds, planted blueberries, worked on the chicken coop (it's still not done), tilled and limed and tilled the garden again, moved fences and ...and... oh, "built" or set up a yard debris compost area out of pallets.

Pictures may or may not be forth coming.

In the midst of all of this outdoor fun we have been changing our diet. Turns out both boys have some level of immune allergic response to wheat/gluten and dairy. And thus left all my filler foods.  I've been learning to bake gluten free, we switched the whole family to gluten free (easier that way) and we've been going through produce like crazy. We don't do baked goods all that often now, and we all agree that our guts feel much more stable/ settled throughout the day, though we never felt terrible before.

Thus this is the first pregnancy where I've actually lost weight while pregnant! Usually I just start gaining but without all my favorite breads, biscuits and pancakes I've actually lost 4 or 5 pounds. I find it amusing.  Oh and if you missed it, baby #5 is due beginning of October.  Just a few weeks shy of half way there!

If it's sunny tomorrow I may paint the garden shed. Or mark off my planting beds. Or move brick or rock.  Or maybe I'll just sit and take a day off. Nah. Or I could take some pictures for you...

Oh, the green and the blooming and the green and the flowers and the green and the growing! I love this time of year.

 I hope you've been able to enjoy some spring wherever you are!

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CandiandCoffee said...

Oh, the restoration springtime brings to our hearts! And congrats on baby #5!

Emily, I got a book for Cathi and I wish I would have gotten one for you too. It's a little book called Reflections from One Thousand Gifts. She is a mom of six, homeschools, loves the outdoors and journaling. She reminds me so much of you and my sister. Anyway, she captures so much in this tiny book! I think you'd like it. She also wrote a book called One thousand Gifts that is a full-size book on joy, but I haven't read it yet.

I love the way you capture joy in the simple things in life around you...your kids, your thoughts, your pictures. Your writing is always inspiring. Thanks for sharing Emily!