Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"We Can Fold All Our Clothes!"

 Hannah is very excited to have a place other than a laundry basket on the floor to put all her clothes.

A month ago or so my mother in law sent us a little money to find a dresser for the girls' room. So I've been scouring craigslist and garage sales and Cart'm. Cart'm came through again.

Found this beauty last Friday and put a hold on it, then changed my mind and called and had them take the hold off but I kept thinking about it this weekend and so I dragged the kids there when they opened Monday morning, praying that it would still be there.

It was, and it was only $20.

Next stop, the fabulous Salt and Paper in Manzanita for a roll of fun wrapping paper (inspiration from this blog and this one), then a dig through the leftover paint in the shed. I used the same paint that's on the wall in the girls' room; "Australian Morning", or as Hannah was describing it to our neighbor Karen, "It's like the color of your foundation only not dirty."  (it's a gray/green).

A little Modge Podge to put the wrapping paper on the drawers and voila!
An adorable dresser for the girls for just under $25.

If Marilyn finds a marker and draws on it I might cry.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely lovely!! Good job!nana