Saturday, July 21, 2012


It's been a year.

Actually it's been 12 days over a year.

Since what?

Since I decided that for one year I would not buy myself any clothes.

I decided that I would make do or do without.

And I'd say that overall it was a success.

But here are my confessions; my failures if you will.

Three items in which my money exchanged hands for clothing articles for myself.

And as anyone can guess, I have my excuses.

First Failure Item: White Shoes
   I found these at a garage sale for $1 about two weeks after I started this challenge.  Two weeks in and I failed, but seriously, how often do you find brand new shoes in women's size 10 for $1!  Some deals are way too good to pass up.

Second Failure Item:  Purple Maternity Shirt
   Goodwill purchase at the end of February not long after finding out that baby number 5 was on it's way. It was on sale for $2.50.

Third Failure Item: Grey Athleta Skirt
   Garage Sale purchase in June. $1.  I've gotten the Athleta catalog in the mail before, this is a $30 skirt and I've worn it at least twice a week since I purchased it.  I think comfy skirts are a must when you're pregnant and I was lacking in the comfy skirt department.

The total for my failures is $4.50.  Not bad for a year.

So how did I make it? Well, luckily I have two sisters that give me hand-me-downs and buy me clothes for Christmas and my birthday.  I also asked Erik for a sweatshirt for Christmas and I did end up making myself a few things from fabric in my craft closet.

And it helped that I got pregnant in January and I've been able to dig out my tub of maternity clothes; it's like a whole new wardrobe!

So am I desperate to go on a shopping spree?


Still don't have the money to do that, and I've learned that I can be creative if there's something lacking in my wardrobe. Though the last dress I tried to make didn't end up turning out like I planned so I may be searching for a comfy maxi dress....they've got some great maternity ones at Old Navy. :)

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