Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boys' Room Reveal

For about the past month the boys have been sleeping in the living room and I've been moving their mattresses back and forth from my room twice a day.


Oh- 'cause I got this crazy idea that there was a lot of wasted space in their bedroom up near the ceiling and decided they needed a bed-loft, demolished the top half of their closet and turned their room into a construction zone.

Random piece of advice: when you take down or demolish drywall, please cover the carpet with something, anything or you will be vacuuming drywall dust and pieces out of your carpet for pretty much the rest of your life or until you replace the carpet.

Sunday night was their first night back in their room and they were thrilled. And I'm thrilled (I have my living room back!) and it turned out so cool.

First though, a history of this bedroom.

When we moved in, I had an affinity for painted stripes and bright colors.

A little later the room was painted all yellow (sorry, couldn't find a picture but it's the same yellow as above only all over).

Little kids, who shall remain nameless, decided to draw all over their walls, so I went with the easiest fix (and liking to paint and wanting a change); I let the kids pick the wall color.

They chose "Spring Leaf Green".  Oh my was it bright.

Other little kids, younger siblings of kids that shall remain nameless, also decided to draw all over the walls; we went back to yellow and yellow it stayed until "Momma got her crazy idea".

Their room is now grey, I'm hoping it hides pencil marks and dirt a lot better. Not only is it grey though, it has one of the coolest bed-lofts ever.

 View from the door:

 Two twin mattresses fit end to end along the wall and the twin bed on the ground has a trundle bed underneath it as well so we have room for grandparents or guests.

 And still room to play and keep things organized.

I just have to brag that I have a wonderful husband who puts up with my crazy ideas, acts as a consultant to my limited, though growing, construction knowledge, helps out on occasion and does not run from the house when I tell him I have another idea. I am so very thankful for him.

Now I just need my own set of tools. : )


Chelsea said...

This looks awesome!! Way to go.... You don't need pinterest- your brain should be a pinterest board :-)

Anonymous said...

This does look so amazing! What a great idea! May think of stealing this idea someday;)

Debbie said...

Way to go, Em!!

Lisa said...

wow, this is fantastic!!! great job!

Mama Griffith, said...

oh fun, just in time for baby number 5!