Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?

Hannah pined after and received a Josefina "mini-doll" for Christmas. If you are unfamiliar with Josefina, she is an American Girl doll, (not one of the originals but at least not one of the "dolls of the year". Don't get me started.) only instead of being 18" tall, she is only about 6". Much more affordable.


Hannah also received a book on making your own miniature furniture for said dolls and she has been pouring over the pages and raiding the recycle bin to craft and create beds, desks, lamps, tables, food and the like. She's gone through at least 100 sticks of hot glue and many of her creations are really clever.

And with this I'm learning to live with an open hand.  Over the years I have been given and collected many random craft items. In the past year alone 4 different women cleaning out their craft/sewing supplies have gifted me tubs of fabric and random baubles. And yet, that is where I hoard.

When Hannah started she came to me asking for buttons from the mason jar o'buttons. I said no.

Then I started thinking, "How often do I actually use these buttons? I hate sewing on buttons. What purpose do they serve sitting in a jar on the shelf? Am I afraid of not having enough buttons? And more importantly, what does this teach my daughter about sharing with an open hand all that we've been given? I want her also to know that her creations and her creativity is important and I want to encourage it."

So when she came to me again and asked if she could please have a button, I said, "Sure."

When she came to me for another and another button, I said, "Sure."

Last week at the Ladies' Sewing Circle I attend every Monday night a lady said, "Someone gave me a large tin of buttons and asked if I knew anyone that needed them. I thought of you. Could you use more buttons?"

I laughed and said, "Sure."


Macaroo42 said...

Oh Em, this is so important. Thank you for giving to your daughter, and for teaching her to do likewise, and by extension the rest of us. Love your pictures, by the way.

mama'g' said...

What fun! I remember doing that :)