Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm feeling sort of housebound without my suburban parked out front, even though it's hardly true that I am housebound. We just had the fuel filter and pump replaced on the suburban and I got it back from Scovel's only to discover that every time I take my foot off of the gas it dies. So it is back at Scovel's awaiting Rick's genius to figure it out. Thus no large vehicle in my driveway. My ever so kind sister-in-law Michelle, has been very generous with her car and with watching Clayton a few mornings this last week so I could take Hannah and Ivan into VBS for a little while and Maggie was wonderful to allow me to use her Geo (which was our Geo once upon a time) to go to Tillamook on Wednesday. But alas the feeling remains. I wish there were more places to which I could walk; I would prefer that even over driving but again I am confined to around the block and down the street with no destination but home again.

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mama griffith said...

greg is in the process of replacing th eengine in his vehicle so we are down to one car also..meh.