Sunday, July 27, 2008

Potty Training

We are finally working on potty training Ivan. I know he's only 2 and a half so the "finally" isn't really necessary but sometimes I feel way behind Rolana. : )
Yesterday I got home from the store and Erik asked if I had seen Ivan outside, I said, "No, don't you know where he is?" So we proceeded to search and call his name and then we heard a tiny voice from the bathroom say, "Poop." He had of his own will and choice gone into the bathroom and pooped in the toilet! We were quite shocked and elated. (Imagine being elated over poop!) Alas he did not do that today but we are still learning.


mama griffith said...

just because mine are potty trained dosent mean we allways make it to the potty...I finally found aidens weakness...he loves gum and two mornings ago he was sitting on the couch mumbeling to himself, "go poop, get gum" finally Im thing we have ofically passed the aiden liking to poop in his pants stage! but you never know tomarrow is a new day anything could happen. BTW.. congrats on Ivan-miss you

Macaroo42 said...

I can imagine quite well. :-)