Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Eldest Blessing

Being a parent is very exasperating. Hannah has been driving me nuts all day. She's fought with Ivan more than usual and she's been consistent at disobeying the very thing I just told her not to do. Tonight she threw a plate on the floor at dinner and it broke; she chose for punishment to go to bed early so she could still have apple cider with dinner. We went on a quick bike ride after dinner and on the way home she kept trying to crash into Ivan, again after I told her not to but then she rode on ahead, parked her bike in the driveway and ran back to, as she said: "give you a kiss and tell you I love you because I forgot when I was on my bike."
I tell you, your heart melts and you want to take back all punishments...
Of course then we got in the house and she threw a fit and demanded that I take her shoes off.
And here I heave a sigh, roll my eyes and send her off to bed with a really big kiss and many prayers.


mama griffith, said...

been there too. espessially the mommy I love you thing. Gregory got in trouble for saying mean things to me when he is in trouble so now he says...mommy I like you whenever he is in time out- go figure :)

Macaroo42 said...

Yes, we learn young what buttons to push and how to extricate ourselves. We're so rational at that age! But no one thinks we are. Go figure.