Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Kings 2:23

Because of mis-communication and certain mishaps Erik is now bald. Erik has this fun cowlick at the back of his head that he can never get the same length as the rest of his hair no matter how many times he goes over it with the clippers. So he usually has me try because I can see what I'm doing. Well...I thought about trying it with the scissors, then decided against it and picked up the clippers to just do it that way, I turned them on and touched them to Erik's head just as he asked if I had put the attachment on...oops, too late. So instead of walking around with a huge bald spot on the back of his head he just shaved the rest of his hair off. The mis-communication was due to the fact that every time I have ever used the clippers on his hair he always has the attachment on and ready to go but this time he did not. I didn't think to look because he always has it ready for me and I've used the clippers maybe 10 times in my entire all that being said, Erik is now bald. Our neighbors saw him and asked me what on earth possessed Erik to shave his head right before Fall; they sure did appreciate the laugh.


mama griffith, said...

hahahahahahahah! great post,. but I need a pic to go with! Im sure erik was happy about that, I dont think Ive ever seen him bald before. nice change. Now you can have a good shaving story stored up for just the right moment!

Mins said...

Nice!! And I agree... there needs to be a picture attached. No sense leaving it out cause we're all trying to picture what he looks like. Good work Nem! HAH!