Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updated Finally

I am sadly falling behind in blogging. Many of you may be shocked to learn that this is my first time on the internet in 3 whole days! Two of those days I didn't even turn the computer on. I've been working hard in my yard, and then it was opening weekend of "Our Town" so I had many dress rehearsals and then performances (which by the way went really well). I'm glad that performances have started and I get to be home with my family most evenings now. Oh, and I've also been quilting like a mad woman. But I am enjoying myself.
Brief updates. Hannah wrote her name mostly by herself the other day, a moment to be proud of, of course it was in a card to my sister and thus got mailed to her. She also (with daddy's help) rode her "big-girl" bike with the training wheels around the block. Ivan is all boy and reminds us of that constantly. Clayton tonight learned to stand on his own. We had the piano bench on it's side in front the french doors so he couldn't fall down the back steps and he pulled himself up by one of the legs and stood there bouncing on his own two legs. It was very exciting.
And now I am going to watch Jeeves and Wooster with Erik. Goodnight.


Megan said...

I haven't been blogging much either. Sounds like things are going well. We are working with kids on name-writing right now and it can be a struggle, so YAY HANNAH!!! Clayton will be running through the house before you know it. Oh yes, and Jeeves and Wooster is such a fantastic show!

Mins said...

Oh my goodness... so much news!! Now whom, might I ask, is this sister that Hannah wrote her name to? I mean, 50% chance it's me right??? Don't worry, I won't be hurt if it's not me. I need to call you... and I will. I love you and miss you and want to hear all about the play and everything!

Macaroo42 said...

Yea for Jeeves and Wooster. And all the rest of that "up-date". I'm way beyond sadly behind. Oh well. Life isn't going to go away so I will still have things to write about when I have time. Kudos to you for keeping up! See you Friday.