Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bible-Believing Church

Today I had an absolutely fascinating conversation with a friend. Wait, let me back up. Today at church Pastor Dave talked about "throwing out the life-line" to those around us that are not saved, and some of the reasons why we do not. So all during the sermon I was praying for specific opportunities to share with specific people and also for the courage to do so when those occasions arose. I must say that my prayers were answered quite quickly today and thus I had this fascinating conversation with a friend. I mentioned something about being late for worship practice this morning and he asked,"What church do you go to again?"
I said, "Calvary Bible Church in Manzanita, the one right there on Laneda, same side as US Bank."
He said, "Oh, okay. What type of church would that be?"
I replied,"Well, it's kind of a non-denominational church, which is basically a denomination all it's own, but it's a basic Bible-believing church."
"Oh," said he, "you mean like literal history, creationism, the earth's only 6000 years old kind of Bible-believing?"
He was shocked to meet someone who believed in the Bible as literal history, and I have never before met someone who passionately believes that evolution and God can co-exist and that evolution is "guided by the gentle hand of God." Not only that but that religion and science are two separate things and when one tries to explain the other it crosses over the line of it's purpose. He also thinks that the Bible is one way to know God; a poetic, metaphorical way to know God but because God is so huge that we can't wrap our minds around him to limit ourselves to just the Bible is in a sense limiting God and giving us a very narrow view of who He is. ( He later also said, that there are many bibles and religions that all point us to god...)
I prayed the whole time for words to say and questions to ask with out being disrespectful or rude and it was a fun conversation of trying to explain to each other our different viewpoints. When I said that evolution cannot be a completely proven scientific fact he gave a little laugh and told me to bite my tongue and said that evolution is probably one of the most "stable" continuously proven theories.
Of course I asked questions like, what happens to original sin and the need for a Savior if there is death and decay before humans were ever in existence? And if natural selection is the method God chooses to further evolution what is the point of trying to cure death and disease or prolong life, aren't these the tools of natural selection?
I still as I write this am blown away by this conversation, it seemed so crazy and yet it was fascinating and fun. There was so much more to the conversation that what I've written here and I hope that he and I can continue to have conversations like this. I know that I will never argue him to faith in Jesus Christ and the one and only true God and Father but just to throw those seeds and let God handle the rest...I just feel so blessed right now to even have had this conversation...that at this moment I have no more words to say.


mama griffith, said...

interesting, Im glad you got to discuss God. I find it very re-centering. It reminds me what I believe and why. Loved it.

Macaroo42 said...

Woohoo! I love what He does when we remember to ask! Been learning a lot about that this week.