Friday, December 12, 2008

The Awkward Hug

Ever have one of these? You go to hug a friend/acquaintance, you are going for the side hug with one hand in the pocket of your coat when you realize they've got their other arm extended also, so you struggle to free your hand from said pocket and raise it above their oncoming arm so that you are not encircling them below both arms by this time you are too close to notice the tilt of their head which results in a slightly uncomfortable moment in which you stall with your foreheads almost meeting and if you're lucky, you choose opposite ways to continue your head tilt and the hug is accomplished. If it is a truly awkward hug though, you both end up going the same way and one of you usually ends up turning their head so that your cheeks are touching and you are both looking the same way, which makes the hug look awkward to anyone who might be watching. As you finally disentangle yourselves you are both mentally noting to be prepared the next time you meet to go for just the side hug, unless you notice they've got two arms extended.

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mama griffith, said...

Yes! the worst one though by far is forgetting yourself and hugging a person who dosnt hug..then you end up hugging a rigid pole and thinking what on earth posessed me to hug this person in the first place!