Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Exhausted

Erik didn't go to work today either, they found mold in the house they are remodeling so his boss is figuring out if it would be more cost effective to just bulldoze the entire house or try and remodel all the mold out and until this is figured out the job is at a stand still but Erik did work hard today, we all did (after we played at MOB). Erik re-fenced the backyard last night and today he built two gates so now my backyard is enclosed. I took down the remainder of the chicken fence and stacked fire-wood. I also found the perfect place for next year's garden. Our backyard looks huge now and the entire thing isn't even fenced, we still have about 25-30 feet of backyard past the back of the fence. I miss looking out and seeing my stupid chickens running around but I really like the space more. Again I have no pictures, but maybe soon.


Michelle Dante said...

Wow! You guys did work hard!! That's pretty exciting!

mama griffith, said...
this is the page link for oregons online school. hope today is a little less tiring!

Macaroo42 said...

How on earth do you manage all that while pregnant?!? I can't do it while not!