Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Erik sometimes wishes I was more organized. Not with things but with routines. This is a point of contention. I hate to nickel and dime things, with budgets and with time. At least that's what I've argued. I'm liking though the morning routine that we've started.
When I started jogging and doing pilates in the morning I made myself get up and do it. I had arguments with myself in the morning: "Do this." "I don't want to." "If you make it a habit it will get easier." "I don't care if it gets easier, I don't want to get up." "You're tired already of post baby belly jiggle, do something about it." "Okay, fine. You win. I'm getting up."
It's been about 4 or 5 weeks and I still argue with myself but now it goes like this: "Are you going to run this morning before pilates?" "No." "You'll miss it if you don't, you always feel better after you do." "True. Okay, fine. You win."
It's become routine. Get up at between 5:45 and 6:15am. Feed Mod. Get dressed. Read my Bible. Jog around the block. Stop at Rolana's for pilates. Jog home. Eat breakfast. Enjoy a cup of coffee and usually a quick check on Facebook (yes I'm addicted) while kiddos are finishing their breakfast. Put Clayton down for a nap at 8 or 8:30am.
I find it makes the morning go relatively smoothly. Erik really likes it because I'm usually in a good mood by the time I get home, even if I wasn't when I left; though waking up in a bad mood isn't as frequent either.
We also have a routine for the evening when we put the kids to bed. Now if we can slowly work up to having more of a routine during the day I think it will help when we come to home schooling Hannah.
I'm slowly coming around to a scheduled way of living and I think it helps that I know (and repeat often to myself) "I am the mother and I can, if I so choose, throw the entire schedule out the window for a day". I like that flexability.


Candice Parisi said...

I am just letting you know that my husband and I refer to you as supermom. It is in every respect a compliment. I am always very impressed at how you handle 4 children with such ease and how you are so creative and talented. We are always astonished at your creations. :) I can only hope that I can do half of what you accomplish in a day in a week's time. :)

P.S. I think you are right about the dog thing. Scramble is as much responsibility as my little brothers were when they were babies. Scramble can entertain himself a little better though.

mama griffith, said...

yeah, succumbing to a schedule dosnt mean the fun stops or you cant randomly go to the zoo, just means the kids (and mommy) have a smoother day. and working out makes all the differance in my aditude, its that 20min of me time that I need to be just me.