Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The $6 Band

I discovered this morning that we were out of eggs. I borrowed one from our kind neighbors to make pancakes and then later we journeyed to Fred Meyer. Hannah and Ivan willingly went into Playland and Clayton, Mod and I started our adventure shopping. We hit the produce area first and then made a pit stop at Starbucks for a "London Fog Latte", which is basically earl grey tea made with steamed milk and some type of sweetener. I have a hard time paying the same price for tea that I do a latte but as I haven't been able to re-create this wonderful drink at home I fork over the money on occasion (like the occasion of grocery shopping). Clayton was a happy camper in the cart and Mod was fabulously distracted sucking on her fist while riding in the front pack facing out and smiling at every stranger, or should I say "new friend". We finished our necessity shopping and then I headed to the toy section. I am in the habit of bypassing the toy section but today I was interested in wasting more of my hour time limit. So I stopped and I looked and I ended up spending $6. It was money well spent though. I got Hannah a Kazoo, Ivan received a wooden train whistle, Clayton is now the proud owner of a green harmonica and I was entertained all the way home by the songs of Hannah and Ivan on their respective instruments with an occasional spattering of harmonica by Clayton. I would have to say this tops the list of the best things to buy for $6...the London Fog Latte goes in the best things you can buy for under $4 list.


decaf addict missing her caffeine said...

A lot of fun for only $6!

Macaroo42 said...

That made me so happy. I can't wait to hear them play. What does Mod get eventually?
And my word verification word was "coded". Clever, eh? :-)