Monday, August 3, 2009

Me & Myself

Being wrapped in duct tape is an interesting experience. Being cut out of it and then studying the form (your own form) is even crazier still. That being said, I am now very excited to own a dress form to make my own clothes on. I tried making a shirt/tank top thing the other day and it was difficult trying to pin and alter it when I was wearing it. I think this is why I never really like most of the clothes I make for myself, they never turn out quite right.
When I first saw it I had a momentary shock of wondering if I was really "that big" but the longer I look at the dress form the more comfortable I am with my own body shape. I can make the excuses that I've had four children and the most recent one only 4 1/2 months ago and I am hoping to lose more of the baby weight but excuses aside, I'm still comfortable in my own skin. And I think most of the shock came from just seeing a life-size replica of myself. That's just odd.
Thank you Maggie for your duct tape wrapping skills.

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Harkins said...

This is hillarious! So how did you get it off? Ha! What a great thing though. Have fun sewing clothes:) Miss you.