Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My blogging has been sporadic as of late mostly due to the fact that my mind has been taken over by thoughts of floor plans and house building and property. I've wanted to blog about these things but I don't know how much to say. We are in the beginning stages of hopefully purchasing property from friends and then building our own house. Having property, as in a few acres, and building our own house in this general area has been a dream of ours for awhile now and seeing the beginnings of a possible dream come true is very very exciting for us. We are trying to finish up the last few projects in this house to get it ready to sell and then figuring out what needs to happen when to make this all happen. We have a lot of things we still have to figure out, like what we'll do and where we'll live while we are building, if we can "hire" Erik to build our house so that he can take a little bit off work to get our house built faster or just built. It would be hard to work construction all day and then come "home" to build some more.
I've always enjoyed drawing floor plans so drawing a floor plan that we will actually build and live in is so much fun. We have drawn up a really simple plan that we could possibly expand at a later date. We've also been reading a book called "Little House on A Small Planet" that has some really good ideas in it (as well as some strange ones). I think the strangest by far is the idea of "role playing" with your artistic impression of what home means to you.
Erik woke up the other morning and commented, "I hate dreaming in floor plans." Glad I'm not the only one!
P.S. Anyone want to buy our house?


mama griffith, said...

yeah, I think eriks parents shuld move here then I dont have to dream in homschooling...:P

Mins said...

I'm still pretty jealous that you get to take your floor plans and view them as an actual house, and then maybe even live in them.

I wonder if I can find the floor plans I made as a 9 year old for my dream house. Someday... someday.