Monday, August 24, 2009


You know how it is when you watch a movie and the holes in the plot are so large you could drive a semi through them? Then there are movies that you watch a few times and slowly the ridiculousness starts to emerge, even when it is a fairy tale. Don't get me wrong, I love fairy tales, and I love a lot of the old Disney movies. A few weekends ago I found a VHS of Beauty and the Beast at a garage sale and I think it might officially be Hannah's new favorite movie and as such it has been watched whenever it's her turn to pick out a movie. I love this movie too but lately I've started to wonder about a few things...
*When the prince is turned into a beast he is given the rose that will bloom until his 21st birthday and then in the song "Be Our Guest" Lumiere sings that "ten years we've been rusting...". So the prince was 11 years old when he turned the old lady/enchantress away? Where were his parents? Why was he mostly alone in the castle without any advisers or the King or Queen? And he's the Prince, what's he doing answering his own door anyway?
* How did the villagers not know about the Castle or how had they not heard any rumors of a castle or a beast? It's only been ten years...if the castle is close enough that they can walk there while singing "kill the beast" wouldn't this have been the royalty that ruled them? Wouldn't they wonder what happened? If not where are the subjects of said Prince...How is he even really a prince with no subjects and only a castle full of servants?
*Maybe it's just me...but when you fall in love with someone don't you at some point think of procreating with them? The subject is certainly touched upon when Gaston is asking Belle to marry him, he talks about having 6 or 7 strapping young boys... and I just don't see Belle having a little litter of beasts, and she was obviously surprised when he turned into a Prince...did she honestly think that it would work out...she read a lot of fairy stories about princes in you think maybe she was hoping deep down inside that this was like the fairy-tales she read? But if she was hoping it was like the stories she read, why didn't she try different ways of breaking the there some sort of unspoken rule that you can't talk about the spell, she knew the castle was enchanted...?
I know...I'll probably get comments saying, " know it's just a movie right?" "you've obviously thought way too much about this" etc. So I apologize but my mind really must find ways to occupy itself when I've seen the same movie a dozen times but my kids want to snuggle with me while they watch it...what's a mom to do?


mama griffith, said...

ha that was a funny read! I suppose I just answered all the questions you had in my head all thease years,..but truley the book is too weird at times and probubly comes from it originally being a french fairy tale. Stick to making bread! seriously. since you are reading alice in wounderland, you shuld go back and watch the disney version again. they definatly take their own spin on things for sure. :)_

Macaroo42 said...

Maggie and I thank you from the bottoms of our respective hearts. Beauty and the Beast has holes!!! I can say it! I love it, but it still has holes! So thank you. :-)

Mins said...

Okay wow. Wow. Why not pick apart the whole world of fairy tales while we're at it?!? Can wolves talk or was Little Red Riding Hood a child with no sense of danger and an overactive imagination? What about Little Mermaid? Why would Eric's father let him marry a complete nobody, just some girl that was washed up on the beach named Ursula, and had some evil looking eyes? Okay maybe these aren't as pointed problems as you stated, but chalk it up to jet lag and that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite.

But you're my favorite sister named Emily, so I guess that counts for something too!! Have fun with Mom and Dad!