Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Queen Mod's Crown

My sisters visited last week on their way up from California and Mindy once again (to the enjoyment of my kiddos) filled my living room with balloon creations. Mod's hat, I think, was slightly taller than she is and every once in a while she'd spot the balloons above her forehead and spend a few minutes going cross-eyed while trying to get a better look. Mindy has definitely improved in her balloon art and my children ran around with spiders and sharks and swords with sword belts and fishes on fishing hooks and skate boarders etc. I also begged her to bring her balloons to MOB last Wednesday and she willing did and entertained the masses of children while all of us very grateful mothers chatted and drank coffee and laughed over some of the new make-up products in the Avon catalog. (They have press on eye-shadow now! You just peel this already perfectly shaded, shaped thing off a sheet and press it on your eyelid and rub and then remove the back and wah-la...perfect eyeshadow...I'm still skeptical.)


mama griffith, said...

Now if they had an entire faceplate that you rubbed on perhaps then I could get into that idea

Gilfillan Family said...

Wow, those balloon creations are so fun! You'll have to tell me what you think about the eyeshadow, sounds interesting!