Monday, July 13, 2009

Tea Parties and Stomach Aches

On Saturday Hannah and I went to La Tea Da's for a belated birthday present/celebration. I've been wanting to take her for awhile so I decided her birthday would be a good time. The day before her birthday was the Dairy parade in Tillamook and I did not want to wade through that for a tea party. The next weekend was the 4th of July so we ended up going the 11th. I didn't tell her about it until Sat. morning. It was just Hannah and I and we dressed up and she wore a princess crown. She had peppermint tea and I had creamy earl grey and we ordered a "High Tea" . It was very good and I was so proud of Hannah for trying everything we were served. She even ate the lettuce leaf garnish! (She said she liked that the best, go figure!). But she ate too much and complained of a stomach ache all the way home so she's not sure if she had fun or not.
We layed around the rest of the day, Hannah wasn't feeling well and Erik was exhausted from getting up early and going fishing (and getting seasick). Sunday was a really long day. It was strange, it wasn't a bad day it just seemed to drag. Hannah then woke up a few times last night saying she didn't feel well. Then this morning Erik got home from the gym and said he didn't feel well. He tried to go to work but came right back home. He's now laying in bed. I really hope that we aren't in for a round of sickness! I think we might have a resting day today and up our intake of echineaca and vitmain c. I hope all you and yours are well.


Mins said...

Oh!! Sorry the fam is feeling sick! But I'm so glad that you and Hannah got to go to High Tea... to me, that's the best tea of all. I hope nobody else starts to feel bad and Erik and Hannah are okay!! Love you!

ED's Wife said...

Hannah threw-up right before dinner. I'm sure you needed to know that. I hope no one else gets it.