Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrap-booking and the like

Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha. The insane laughter you hear emanating from this general vicinity is due to the freeing of my life from junk and unfinished projects. Do you know how wonderful it is to finish projects that have been hanging over your head for a very long time? The other day I took a deep breath and dove head first into the mountains of pictures that have been accumulating for the last 10 years and I tossed, yes threw in the garbage pictures that I have no need of. I have often fancied myself a budding nature photographer, or at least that is what you might gather from the many pictures of scenery I have tried to take over the years. Those got tossed; honestly they were quite bad. I have scrap-booked our wedding album and so all the extra prints got shredded and tossed. ("OH!" you gasp, "What if your children want copies someday?" Have no fear, I saved the picture c.d.s) I pared down the pictures from my missions trip to St. Vincent my junior year in high-school, I couldn't remember half the names of the people I took pictures of, so why keep the picture? I kept the ones I could remember and pictures of the work we did. And, the biggest thing, I pulled out my half-finished Ecola scrapbook and after 8 years, I FINISHED IT! I know you're wondering how I managed to do this with four small children running around, it was no small feat but when the youngest two were down for their naps I cut and pasted as fast as I could and Hannah and Ivan found it absolutely fascinating:
"Mommy, what are you doing?" "Do I know them?" "Is that Jessie?" "Is that Bridger's mom?" "Can we go to Bridger's house?" "Why are you dressed like a boy?" "Why is that boy dressed like a girl?" "Why do you have red hair?" "Why is that boy wearing a dress?" "Why is your hair sticking out all over your head?" "Is that daddy?" "What are you doing?"
So it is done and the rest of my pictures are organized and ready to be scrap-booked in the near future...which could mean next month or within the next 8 years looking at my track-record.


Candice Parisi said...

This is brilliant, I salute you. :) I just got a Cricut for Christmas and was playing with it and I made those little scrap books for Mindy and others and my kitchen table has been taken over with the workings for these projects for weeks. My knitting is all over the apartment as well and I attempted to organize and put away everything but have failed and in the meantime found projects from my high school missions trips and trip to Europe that I have not finished, so all that to say that I hope I end up where you are someday soon. :)

Krista Motsinger said...

haha, you are so awesome! I am with you totally! PLUS..printing out pictures can really get expensive. I like to wait for sales!! PS...why have we not gotten together yet? :)