Thursday, January 28, 2010

Singin' In The Rain

We finally got tired of our small collection of movies and signed up for Netflix. Our second selection was "Singin' in the Rain". The kiddos and I watched it today and Hannah immediately asked to watch it again, I said probably not right now but maybe Daddy would want to watch it later. What do you know? At the dinner table tonight Erik asked the kiddos if we should watch it tonight. After confessing to him that we had already watched it Hannah piped up with the suggestion that we just watch it again. She loved the movie but was slightly disappointed that the girl didn't actually sing in the rain. The movie also afforded me my new favorite Ivan quote, or rather conversation. This happened during the wind/white scarf dance during the Broadway melody.
Ivan: "Why do the guys always hold the girls?"
Me: "Well, the guys are stronger and that's just the way it's suppose to be."
Ivan: "Does Daddy ever hold you?"
Me: "Um...yes, but not like that. Your Daddy doesn't dance."
Hannah: "But one time he danced with me!"
Me: "I know Hannah, you are a very lucky little girl. But Daddy doesn't usually dance like that (insert pointing to the tv screen here)."
Ivan and Hannah together: "Oh."


Lyssy said...

lol I'm trying to picture Erik dancing like they do in that movie and it isn't happening :) hehe
We love netflix. I love streaming it wirelessly as well, if you guys have a way to do that, having stuff in your instant queue is awesome! But we still get the newer movies, and some of our tv series sent to us

Mins said...

I LURVE that Tinies conversation!! Can't believe I missed this blog... I'm usually such an avid follower. I will endeavor to refocus my zeal for thy blog, and hereafter never miss a post! Lurve you.