Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tracks of Thought

There are days when it seems I can't put two thoughts together. I stop for a minute to gather these errant thoughts that are ping-ponging around my brain and get distracted by one crisis or another from my drama loving children. This is the life of a mother; when you start making analogies between wooden train tracks and your thought life.
My thoughts sometimes seem scattered around the room like Ivan's wooden train tracks, waiting to be found, whether by purpose for creating a longer track of thought or by accident, taking an unsuspecting foot by surprise. Sometimes I stop and gather them into the tub they belong in and snap the lid shut hoping to keep them contained for a few minutes but it is not long before they are again strewn across the floor with mirth. There are "change the point" pieces; tracks that branch off to two different lines, there are curved pieces that can throw you around a loop, there are incline pieces that prepare you for the bridge ahead, there are the actual bridges that somehow transport you safely across a hazard, there are pieces that have been found by the aforementioned foot one too many times and can therefore no longer be connected to the rest, there are the long straight pieces that are there in all their simplicity and there are those that slide out of view to only be found during a thorough cleaning.
Sometimes I am able to create a track of thought and leave it here for your trains of thought to run around and if you enjoy it I am glad and am honored that you keep reading even after strange posts like this one.

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