Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's In a Name?

There were times I disliked growing up an "Emily". Not that I dislike the name by any means, it just happens to be a common name which invariably causes some confusion if only a first name is given. Maybe it had something to do with having to use my last name or having to use my first and last and middle initial: Emily A. Horr. This is why I have a sense of humor and why I married young. (Dad and Mom, I hope you know that I love you and am slightly in jest here.)
I haven't thought much about being an Emily lately as I happen to be enjoying a time where there are none within the social settings I find myself in, that was until today.
About a month ago I received a text out of the blue from a friend's husband asking if I could babysit their three kids on the 6th of Feb. from 2:30 in the afternoon until 10:30 at night. I thought this an odd request but as I had nothing going on that day I figured "What the heck? What's 7 kids running around?" So I texted back, "Sure." Only I made sure to type my name at the bottom just in case he had a wrong number. But he texted right back with, "Great, contact you again when it gets closer." Two days ago I received a text, "We still on for Sat.?" "Yep." was my reply. Then we worked out exact time and payment for said babysitting, all through text messaging. Today, Feb. 6th at 2:35pm I received a text message that said, "Are you still coming?" This is where my brain started throwing question marks against my skull. "I assumed I would be watching them at my house." "We are just eating lunch and one is sleeping, can we make it here?" At this point I wasn't sure what to say, should I go with, "Well, I have two sleeping"? and then throw, "and banana bread in the oven?" in there as well for good measure or...I went with "This is Emily Dante...? I'm slightly confused."
That's when my phone started ringing, it was my friend calling and apologizing, apparently their regular babysitter is named Emily and somehow in both her and her husbands phones we had been mixed up and in my original text I had only typed my first name and not my last. I offered to still babysit seeing as it's a little last minute but they did find someone and I'm now looking at an evening with nothing going on, and here I was all prepared for chaos.
On a side note, as much as I hate using the telephone and calling people, even people I like (maybe more about this in a later post) I think I might just have to suck it up and call people for important events like dates and such.

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