Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project: Deck

You might get one or two posts today as I finally got pictures to upload this morning and there has been a lot I've wanted to share with you that requires pictures. I'll start off with yard work.

We sold our wonderful gas guzzling Suburban a week ago or so and are using the money to build a deck out our french doors. We had poured cement steps about a year and a half ago but these were not well thought out and not very safe so I have been dreaming for awhile of a deck but we just didn't see our way to affording this very expansive (no, I did not spell expensive wrong, I mean large) deck I had in mind. Then my wonderful parents gifted us the van I grew up riding in and we decided to sell our Suburban. We definitely believe in saving money but we talked about it and realized that if we are going to sell our house we needed to do something about those unsafe back steps,so away went the steps:Watch that first step it's a dilly...

And with a few days off work this week; up went the framing:
Our local lumberman Lance at Nehalem Lumber Co. was kind enough to also find us some used but still in really good condition decking for half the price of buying it new! I think the kids might start complaining when the decking goes on though; they've enjoyed playing in/on/under/around the framing:

I'm so very excited about all this and very thankful for an awesome, handsome (not that that really has anything to do with it, he just is) husband who willingly builds these crazy projects I come up with.


MamaGriffith, said...

yeah, its nice to have a man around to assemble things...I love the kid pic.s!

Candice Parisi said...

Oh man, it would be nice to have a handy man around but then again I guess you don't need one in an apartment. When we get a house, I look forward to doing projects like these with my husband. :)

Macaroo42 said...

Dang it. Now I'm Dante-sick.