Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter sneaked up on me this year. I knew it was coming, mind you, but I just wasn't prepared. I thought of just forgoing any sort of Easter basket/ plastic egg mayhem but eventually bowed to commercialism and bought playdoh and balloons for the kids and filled plastic eggs with a few chocolate chips and change from the change jar. We did make it past Easter without loads of chocolate and candy for which I am very grateful. We did have a great talk with Hannah and Ivan about Jesus rising from the dead as the reason we celebrate Easter and I was tempted to leave it at that but then I got thinking about all the fun Easter traditions I remember from growing up. I remember matching dresses with my two sisters and hats for Easter, dying hard boiled eggs, hunting plastic ones in the yard or house and breakfast potlucks at church.
Hopefully I'll get better at this whole "making fun family traditions" thing because I do think it's important to make special days, well, special and what could be more special than celebrating the day that our Lord and savior conquered death so that we might live forever with him!
The kids had fun, they enjoyed a lunch of hotdogs and Kettle chips and searched for plastic eggs and then we went to Poppie and Nana's house to search for the Easter baskets from them. And hopefully I will get better at remembering to take pictures, here is the girl's attempt at matching for Easter(this is the only picture I got yesterday); we were all wearing white shoes. Hannah was very thrilled, she has her first pair of "high heels" (you can barely see it in the pictures, it's about 1/2 inch). I tried to get a picture of Miss Moddy with her very first pigtails but she wouldn't hold still so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you she looked adorable.


MamaGriffith, said...

nice pic! as far as holiday traditions go, a bit of a flunkie, Usually I end up telling myself I will do better next year. oh sigh

Candice Parisi said...

I love the picture. I think little girls and white shoes just have to go together. I'm glad you guys had a Happy Easter. :)

Lyssy said...

I've been trying to hard to make family traditions and Aaron is always like, "they're too young, they won't remember" and I highly disagree. i remember everything fun I did on holidays as a child and I want my kids to experience all the joy that I did. ya know? I LOVE your guys' white shoes...adorable :)