Friday, August 27, 2010

"Hard Life"

I missed posting for Breakfast at Emily's this week.

I'm so sorry.

I've been busy getting settled in an adorable little house on the river.
This house belongs to some good friends of ours and they are kindly letting us "break it in" for them. It's been in the process of some much needed upgrades and it's almost done. As I type, Erik is finishing plumbing the bathroom sink.

It's an adventure.

And it's really hard to complain when this is the view:

The kids are in bed, and I have a moment to myself to breathe and pause...

Yes, we're right next to the river, no there is not a fence yet to keep the kids from falling in...and so it's definitely interesting right now trying to contain and keep them entertained inside but hopefully this weekend the fence will at least be started.

I am so in love with this little house right now, it's open, bright and cheery. We've moved important stuff over here from our house, like beds, our table and chairs, a couch, the computer, a few dishes, stuff to make cookies...

Hopefully in the next few days we'll be a little more "temporarily settled" and I'll post some more; I have so much to share. That is if I remember by the time I sit down to type.


"Everything that we need to lead an overcoming life flows to us from Him" said...

I love that tree. It begs for a tire swing or someone to sit under it reading a book and sipping lemonade.

Chelsea said...

I'm loving this little place you get to live in-- I can feel the peace of that river right through my computer!! ;-)