Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today was makeover day.

Room makeover to be exact.

We've been discussing dividing the boys and girls for awhile now and a few weeks ago moved Hannah and Marilyn into the room formerly known as "the guest room". But it's still technically been "the guest room" and Hannah and Mod have just been sleeping there at night.

Seriously, it looked like this:

I've been packing up knickknacks and stuff that we don't use all that much to make my house look more spacious if ever anyone would show interest in coming to look at it and buy it and I've been stacking them in that bedroom. There was also the full size guest bed. Add a crib, a chair, a hope chest and other random things and it left little room to be "the girl's room".
It was more like the catch all room.

But no longer!
Now it is the girl room.
Hannah still hasn't seen it.

She and I have been watching home decorating shows on hulu for awhile now and the other day she asked if I could surprise her with her new room like they do on the shows.

You bet I can!

It actually made my life easier...'cause as much as love that my children want to was nice to just be able to do it and get it done.

We've been prepping for this day for weeks.I found a twin bed frame at Cart'm for $8. And I sawed on it and sanded on it and painted it. I found the perfect knobs for it at my neighbor's garage sale for $1 and a friend gave me a trundle frame so that when we do have guests we can shift kids around and still have plenty of sleeping space. I ordered a couple mattresses off and those came yesterday.

Today, by design, Hannah went to play with her friend Daisy and I got to work. It actually didn't take that long because of all the prep work I've put in. Of course, the rest of my house is in disarray so I won't show you pictures of that.

But with out further ado, The Girl's Room:


MamaGriffith, said...

WOW!!!!! thats awsome!

B said...

That turned out amazing!!! Love it and I am sure that Hannah will too! You are so gifted!

Candice Parisi said...

It looks wonderful. Well done. :)

Anonymous said...

The room is absolutely gorgeous! a perfect make over for two girls to enjoy!!!! Good job! Nana

Debbie said...

Love it!!

Debbie said...

Oh, and the dragon painting is amazing! ;-)