Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've decided I really love fog.
Some may think of it as a wet blanket of dreariness but not me.
So it's probably a good thing I live where I do. I get to experience the fog a lot.
Or maybe it's the memories I have associated with fog.
Last year sitting on my front porch I watched the fog roll in around the cellphone tower across the way and it was sitting there reflecting that I found myself at peace; comfortable in my own skin.
In high school not long after I was elected editor of the first school newspaper in so-many-odd years my friend Evan and I took cameras one early morning and captured the fog streaming over Ebey's Prairie and bluff. One of the photos that I took ended up as our first cover. I've got a copy somewhere, or my mom does but alas I have none to share this morning.
And now to add to the memories there is this morning.
Last night Ivan was complaining of a very stiff neck as we were getting him ready for bed. He couldn't look to the right or the left or move it up and down without it hurting. So we put him to bed but checked on him periodically until we went to bed, then sat down at the computer and Googled "4 year old with stiff neck". Maybe we should stop doing that. Everything we read said, better call a doctor or go to the ER, it could be meningitis, especially if there are other symptoms. Ivan woke us up at 3:30am with other symptoms, he was complaining of a tummy ache and he had a fever. Thank the Lord that my sister Beth is here, so I woke her up and let her know that she was in charge and that we would hopefully be back soon, then we packed Ivan up and drove down to the Tillamook Hospital. We were only there for about an hour and it is not meningitis, strep throat or a UTI, it's probably just viral. They gave him a little Tylenol and he was starting to feel better when we left. I've never dealt with a babe with a very stiff neck and so I'm glad we went even though it ended up to be just a for a very expensive dose of Tylenol. My boy is fine.
This is where the fog comes in. I rode in the back with Ivan, who was able to rest his head on my shoulder and sleep all the way home and I was at peace and the sky was lightening but there was fog. Not enough to hem you in with no visibility but just enough that it wrapped itself around the hills and made just a few of the trees stand out dark against it in crisp detail while 'causing the mist to blur others.
I knew just enough for my present circumstances but not all. I could see just enough to be at peace but I could not see all. Our heavenly Father kind of works like that with us sometimes.
And to me the fog is an awesome reminder of that.


MamaGriffith, said...

I'm glad you took him in, better to err on the safe side. Hope you get some rest today and have fun with your sister.

Anonymous said...

So glad Ivan is OK. You are a good parent to watch over him so carefully. God works things out so well to have your sister there to help too. Take Care nana