Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Few of My Loves

When I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago I went through old pictures. Lots of old pictures. I thought about scanning them all so that I could share and then decided that would be too much work and I've never been impressed with the quality of my scanner. I had my camera with me and so I took pictures of the pictures. All so that I could embarrass myself and share them with you.

Is is narcissistic to now have so many pictures of myself? Or am I just making up for always being the photographer now (poor as I my skills may be)?

This morning I'd thought I'd share a few gems and let you know that my love of knee high boots started young:

As did my love of red shoes:

And believe it or not I have this secret (?) love of lipstick. Always have. But I guess it hasn't always been a secret. Alas this secret love is languishing away, tucked away in a dark corner of my bathroom where my 20-odd shades of lipstick hide, waiting to coat my lips. I don't wear lipstick all that often anymore. My husband won't kiss me when I wear it and I can't kiss my babies either when I do (I refuse to leave lipstick marks on their faces); two very good reasons to hide the lipstick away until a future day.

My Grandma Dorothy always had the little sample lipsticks in that silver box you see at my knee, as well as her regular shades. She let us wear the sample ones but if you look close you'll see I have a larger lipstick in my hand...oops. I have always loved this picture but when I took the picture of it I noticed for the first time my shadow in the mirror...not a reflection, but my shadow. I love that.


MamaGriffith, said...

I LOVE these pics of you!! It is like a peek into why your kids are who they are!!

Chelsea said...

that last picture is super cute- I'm so glad you pointed out the shadow, I wouldn't have noticed that. I love the way you're sitting- such a toddler pose.